SmartDocs Business Process Automation and Content Management Suit for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Why SmartDocs?






In today’s age of digital disruptions, leaders need to constantly embrace change to keep pace with the complex, volatile and ever-evolving business landscape. Success in the digital age depends on transformative thinking and having the right set of digital tools to quickly convert these thoughts to action.

SmartDocs is the leading solution to “enable digital transformation” in your organization. It extends a plethora of features to organizations for efficient management of enterprise content as well as streamline business processes.

SmartDocs is your one-stop-platform for rapid application development, content collaboration and business process automation.

Deployment Options




SmartDocs Deployment on Cloud Servers

SmartDocs application can be deployed for our customers on popular Cloud Infrastructure platforms including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Cloudian etc.

Go-Live with SmartDocs Public Cloud implementation – and be free from hassles of maintaining your own hardware for enterprise applications.

SmartDocs On-Premise Deployment

SmartDocs application can be deployed within company premise servers.

Ensure that your data and documents completely reside within the boundary perimeters of your organization.

Go-Live with SmartDocs On-Premise implementation with all your files securely stored and managed in SAN or NAS boxes.

SmartDocs Hybrid Deployment

Are your document storage requirements bit more complex? Would you like to move part of your data to Cloud storage while retain some of it on your On-Premise servers?

SmartDocs supports you with a “Hybrid” Deployment. Segregate your data as Personal Files / Department Files / Project Files / Partner Files / Company-Wide Files. Map individual storages against each to have complete flexibility on the storage of your documents based on the type of the file.

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