Digital Transformation is Profoundly Reshaping Banking sector

Banking is the sector where the monetary decision that business organization make. The major vulnerability in traditional banking is managing million amounts of data. In the day to day activities enormous documents like Security Documents, Trade Licenses, Corporate Guarantees, Agreements, Mortgages, Email Communications, and Legal & Regulatory Documents are managed by banks. Smart document management is the most effective way to change the traditional banking to a digital banking and making hassle free.


  • Spending a lot of money and time in maintaining and sorting out the huge amount of document accumulated over the years.

  • Hassle in maintaining the list of customers who have neglected to pay their insurance or credit card which are processed manually by the office staff at regular intervals.

  • Security risk involved in keeping the confidential documents in file cabinets.

  • Customer communications are still paper based and time consuming.

SmartDocs Solution

Central repository

SmartDocs serve as a central repository for all your important documents that can be accessed, viewed, changed and shared with colleagues.

Centralized record keeping and improved collaboration

With SmartDocs information can be shared and collaborated easily. SmartDocs offers version control which allows the older versions of the same document to be retrieved. SmartDocs provides a better visibility and monitoring to the entire business.Acces to the external users can be allowed and monitored.