Digital Transformation in Construction Industry

Technology era has brought a lot of transition in construction industry; however when we speak about managing document in construction industry, paper based are still the norms. Managing thousands and thousands of paper documents becomes a tedious task for the organization as paper dominated the construction industry.


  • The major challenge in the construction industry is documentation of the projects handled by players in the organization. The documentation is the key to start any project, construction industry manages documents like contract agreements, statement of work, billings, work sheets, legal documents, drawings etc. As the project progress hundreds and hundreds’ of documents are formed and versioned. At this point of time retrieval of any informative/versioned documents is time consuming and tedious.

  • Due to lack of proper collaboration there is complexity in understanding the work history of the construction projects.

  • Construction industry is still driven by drawings. During the project when someone is asking for current design or any changes, there is delay in processing and sharing of documents among the owner and contractors.

SmartDocs Solution

SmartDocs with its simple UI, inbuilt viewers ( AutoCAD DWG/DXF/DWF) format, workflows and powerful annotation engine can be a boon for Project teams, Architects, Sub Contractors, Decision Makers, Business Users, working with regulatory authorities, suppliers and other key stakeholders across your Enterprise enabling secure collaboration leading to Digital transformation.

Better control over all information

SmartDocs provides better control over all information relating to the project in hand. Access to documents can be controlled for different groups or individuals. SmartDocs also provides an audit trail of who has viewed the document which helps in better management of confidential documents.

Centralized record keeping and improved collaboration

With SmartDocs information can be shared and collaborated easily. SmartDocs offers version control which allows the older versions of the same document to be retrieved. SmartDocs provides a better visibility and monitoring to the entire business.Acces to the external users can be allowed and monitored.