Digitalization is changing the face of education

Educational institutions have to deal with a large amount of documents in their yearly process like student files, policy documents, email etc. Most of the educational institutions still rely on traditional paper based system in managing student application and administrative process. Mostly schools have some form of digital filing system, but it’s not a supplement for centralizing all the data. Using efficient document management software can make a huge difference in how documents are stored and, how easily the admintrators can access and, how effectively the entire university or school can utilize it.


  • Admission process is tedious for the staff as schools are following the traditional paper based system.

  • Sharing files from administrators to internal staffs is time consuming.

SmartDocs Solution

SmartDocs is unique document management software which solves the administrative problems in the education industry.


Each student can be given an e-Locker login. Students can keep personal documents securely


Use SmartDocs projects for students and teachers to collaboratively work on projects