Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Documentation is a critical part of doing business for manufacturers, commonly used documents in manufacturing industry are drawings related to projects, products related to projects, approval documents, vendor list, materials schedule etc. Digitization can bring up a drastic transformation in manufacturing process as the industry is drive by rapidly changing consumer needs. A Smart Document management system digitize and manages properly all the Big Data in the organizations.


  • Since paper-based process there is always slowness in sharing, reviewing and approving of documents and drawings.

  • Difficulty in managing the large amount of data in multiple formats like CAD, paper files, electronic documents etc.

  • Less visibility in identifying the process and documentation carried out by different departments.

SmartDocs Solution

SmartDocs helps in organizing and automating various manual process which significantly increase the speed and efficiency, ultimately results in increased profitability.

Centralized shared services

Enable centralized shared services by creating approval workflows for Accounts Payables, Procurement, Contracts, and other processes across all factories, branch offices and headquarters.

Integrated document catalog

An integrated document catalog or asset management system, which allows upload, download, search and preview of documents.